Streaming Service Providers Deliver News, Skepticism

When it comes to streaming service providers, there’s always something going on. Even a so-called “slow week” has plenty of exciting news and developments. Such is the case this week. While two-thirds of the news is positive and breaking in nature, the remaining content might cast the shadow of a doubt over one particular streaming service provider. (Personally, I’m skeptical of other pundits’ skepticism.) So, without any further ado, let’s jump in to the latest streaming news from Amazon Prime, DIRECTV NOW, and Roku.

Amazon Announces Release Date for All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines

Amazon’s All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines is set for an April 6, 2018 release date. This is huge news for many of us here in Michigan. If you grew up in the “Mitten State,” chances are you support one of two college football teams – the University of Michigan Wolverines, or the Michigan State Spartans. This new unscripted sports program will appeal to Wolverines fans throughout the state.

Here’s the trailer for Amazon’s All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines:

All or Nothing is exclusive for Amazon Prime members. It gives viewers an inside look at the university’s football program, both on and off the field. Viewers will surely develop a better understanding of the school’s 2017 team and its grueling practice sessions. The show also does a good job of accurately portraying life in unique college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Do you bleed maize and blue? Perhaps you love to watch the Wolverines at the Big House (Michigan Stadium) and on the road? And maybe you feel a sense of pride swell in your chest each time you hear Hail to the Victors. If any of this rings true, then you need Amazon’s All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines in your life. Let’s go blue!

DIRECTV NOW Removes DVR Details From Their Website

Is there going to be a delay on DIRECTV NOW’s DVR app? Some people think so because of recent changes made to the streaming service provider’s website.

Recently changes to DIRECTV NOW’s website has some streaming news sources in a lather. The specific issue is a recent switch on one of the pages with a message that read, “New! True Cloud DVR Beta. Coming soon! Skip through commercial on a whim and record up to 20 hours – no bulky cable box require.” That message was recently replaced with this: “72-hour rewind. Rewind time and never miss a moment of live TV, even if you forgot to hit record.”

Some people believe that AT&T’s removal of the DIRECTV NOW DVR details signals a delay in the DVR app’s release. At least, they think it halts what they hoped would be a release within a few weeks. Truth be told, no one by AT&T knows that these website changes guarantee a delay in the DVR app’s release. I’d rather wait and see what the communications giant has in store than react to unverified speculation.

Roku Channel Headed to Samsung Smart TVs

This summer, the Roku Channel will launch on select Samsung TVs. This migration was first hinted at in October 2017, though this marks the first time Roku has launched its channel on non-Roku devices. This move helps to expand Roku’s footprint for its streaming service.

The Roku Channel offers programming from major studios such as Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. It also features content from smaller publishers including American Classics, Fandor, and FilmRise, as well as Nosey, OVGuide, and more. We plan to keep an eye further developments from Roku and other streaming service providers.

So it Was a Slow Week in Streaming…

… So what? There will likely be plenty more to report on through the coming weeks. Even casual followers of this column know that. The streaming service providers are locked in a bitter battle for subscribers. To win, each has to come up with the best way to stream TV and movies online. Whichever streaming service comes up with the most customer friendly way to present its content will be among the top streaming service providers. In the meantime, if you’re a streamer who doesn’t have Showtime, several pay TV providers are offering free Showtime previews this weekend. IF you’re wondering about the content on this channel, check it out for free, streamers!

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