Televes DATBOSS Mix LR now in stock at Solid Signal!

High Power. Long Range. Massive Size. When we introduced Televes antennas last year, we weren’t prepared for the massive demand for the most gigantic member of the family. Now, it’s been fully improved and refined, and we’re ready to go.

Check out this new DATBOSS Mix LR from Televes. You might be forgiven for thinking it looks an awful lot like the previous generation, but it’s been refined inside and out to give it even more totally blistering reception power. Not only that, the plastic that used to be white is now grey, but that doesn’t make much of a difference. What’s more important is that it now includes the powerful T-Force amplification system that produces more power and cleaner amplification.

The whole antenna itself has received a once-over and gets up to 10dB more gain even when unamplified, and the built-in amplfiier is so clean and so powerful that even at 70 miles away the auto-gain-control kicked in and limited the power of some received signals.

The new DATBOSS Mix LR is available NOW at Solid Signal, but before you check it out… read our review of the DATBOSS Mix LR , which gives all the details. If you need UHF and VHF performance in an antenna that will pick up even the most distant signals, check out the new DATBOSS Mix LR!

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