Televes DATBOSS Mix now in stock at Solid Signal!

The powerhouse antenna with the funny name is BACK and better than ever! The new Televes DATBOSS MIX UHF/VHF antenna may look familiar but it’s been completely revised from last year’s model. Every inch (or centimeter since this is European-made) has been reviewed to make sure it is the best design for US television viewing.

The big tech change is the addition of T-Force amplification which uses MMIC circuitry for the cleanest possible results. All of this means that in testing, we saw up to 5dB improvement in unamplified gain and up to 10dB improvement in amplified gain, with a drop in noise figure. That’s a lot of technical stuff and if you aren’t sure what it means, it should give you better reception than before.

The Televes DATBOSS Mix combines 60-mile range, optional amplifier, and LTE filtering to give you the best possible antenna experience. It’s made by Televes, one of the leading antenna manufacturers and recognized worldwide as a leader in technology and quality.

Shop for the DATBOSS Mix today and read our exclusive review!

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