When you’re serious, get serious about Open-Mesh

You hear a lot about Wi-Fi today. The reason is remarkably simple: most people’s Wi-Fi is awful. Considering that it’s something on which we all depend, our homes and offices are full of Wi-Fi gaps and holes. It’s possible — even likely — that in the future we’ll all just rely completely on 5G internet but until that day comes we’ll be walking from room to room trying to find a good signal so we don’t burn through more data on our cell phone plans.

There have been great products out there for years that help solve these problems, from Wi-Fi repeaters to access points, but the biggest problem of all is that solutions like these can be hard to implement and don’t really work the way you want them to work. You just want to walk from place to place and have good internet, period.

You’ve probably seen solutions from different companies out there. Some companies are probably very familiar to you and some sound more like internet startups. They’re all promising to solve your Wi-Fi headaches with a simple concept called “mesh networking.”

Mesh networking means that you put multiple wired access points in your house — and yes, the commercials don’t tell you that but they have to be wired — and these access points not only blanket your home with Wi-Fi but they actually talk to each other so they can automatically adjust their power levels to give you that seamless internet experience you really want. This is a step up from simply placing hardware in places you think you need it. Face it, the computers are smarter than you are when it comes to this stuff.

The new kids on the block will try to tell you that this is all new technology, but Open-Mesh has been doing it for years. They pretty much invented the concept with their routers and access points. Now, I won’t tell you they’re the cheapest solution and I won’t tell you that they have a sexy name or a goofy cartoon character on the box. What I will tell you is that they have solidly built products that are designed for high-end homes and offices. You can expect high speeds and a very reliable experience. This is the equipment you put in when you’re tired of goofing around.

Open-Mesh’s software is easy to use for beginners but it really shines for professionals. While the network almost completely sets itself up, professional IT managers can tweak almost every setting they can think of, and get status reports on the whole system easily. It’s a dream come true for a busy network administrator.

Even if you’re just looking for something for your home, you really aren’t going to want to spend time managing your Wi-Fi, and if you’ve tried lower priced alternatives you probably know that you end up resetting them, manually changing networks, and it’s all just a little too much to handle for the average person. Set up an Open-Mesh system and relax… it’s going to work and you won’t have to think about it.

If you don’t get fantastic Wi-Fi speeds for streaming, for communicating, and for every single device you have, you owe it to yourself to check out Open-Mesh products now at SolidSignal.com.

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Stuart Sweet
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