Tell us about how you use your B-Band Converter

You’ve seen this part before. We have been selling it at Solid Signal close to two decades. Every time we offer it as a daily deal, it sells out. No matter how many of them we get, we sell them. Which sort of makes me wonder.

Who is buying these?

But hey, I mean it in a good way.

This particular part has been pretty much obsolete for over 10 years.  It was intended to help people with older receivers connect to newer high-definition dishes. Now, some of our marine and RV customers still use this technology with their older domes, but that couldn’t possibly account for the large volume we sell every month.

Most customers don’t need these B-Band Converters, because they use the SWM system. SWM has been the standard install for DIRECTV customers since 2009 and when you have SWM, you don’t need the B-Band converter.

I had heard at one time that ham radio users also have latched onto these because they help older ham radios use frequencies that have been opened up recently. I mean, there are only so many old ham radios out there right? I really respect the ham community but I think even the most ardent enthusiast would tell you it’s not really a mainstream hobby.

But that still wouldn’t really explain the amazing number of these that fly off our shelves.

So, it’s up to you.

Tell us how you use your B-Band Converter. Let us know what interesting and innovative way you’ve found to make use of this part. Because honestly, I’m really interested. I really want to know so that I can tell the whole world. Just leave a comment below and I’ll make sure that everyone at Solid Signal gets the news.

In the meantime, shop at Solid Signal for B-Band Converters if you need them, and shop for one of our many other parts if you don’t! Every purchase keeps this blog going.

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