The Best Vehicle Cell Phone Boosters for Fleets!

Communication is key to running fleets of semi-trucks, delivery vans, or utility trucks. If you operate a logistics or trucking company, you’re well aware of this. You need to communicate with drivers. How do you do this when they’re passing through low-signal areas? You need a cell phone signal booster on each vehicle in your fleet. Before we tell you about the best vehicle cellular signal booster, let’s look at what these devices are and how they help logistics companies.

Cell Boosters for Transport Companies

A cell phone booster system consists of a booster, outside antenna, and inside antenna. These units work together to reduce dropped calls, missed texts, and spotty downloads. These devices simultaneously boost incoming and outgoing calls. Here’s how the three components work together:

The right cell phone booster is a huge help to your drivers. They also help you and everyone else back at base. A signal booster in every vehicle lets you communicate with your entire fleet. It also helps you track vehicles in real time, get GPS-to-driver feedback, and do risk-management reporting. But given the demands of transport companies, not any vehicle cell phone booster will do. We recommend…

…The weBoost Fleet Series

Specifically, we’re talking about the Drive Reach OTR Fleet and Drive X OTR Fleet models. These two cell phone signal boosters specifically made for people who drive for a living. We’re talking OTR drivers, delivery van drivers, and even utility/work crews. These folks spend a lot of time on the road, often in low-signal zones. Both of these cell boosters address that issue with these features and benefits:

  1. The OTR Truck omnidirectional antenna. This antenna easily installs on just about any vehicle. It’s 17” high and comes with two extensions that give the antenna a max height of 45”. This versatility makes sure every vehicle in your fleet stays connected when it’s on the road.
  2. A rugged metallic body and a unique fin design that displaces heat. This helps these boosters deliver peak performance throughout those long days on the road.
  3. A 50dB max gain to help reduce dropped calls and missed texts.
  4. These boosters are compatible with all cell phones and US carriers.
  5. These units install quickly and easily into nearly all types of vehicles.
  6. There are no monthly fees. Just buy it and start boosting.
  7. Each weBoost Fleet Series booster comes with a two-year warranty.

Both of these weBoost signal boosters have these great features and benefits. That might have you wondering which one is best for your fleet. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Drive Reach OTR Fleet

This vehicle cellular signal booster has an uplink output of up to 29.5 dBm. It also features a downlink output power of up to 5.2dBm. This makes it weBoost’s most powerful in-vehicle cell signal booster. We typically recommend this booster to trucking companies with a fleet of OTR drivers. Those folks drive the greatest distances and encounter too many areas with poor signal reception. If your fleet drives a local route through remote rural areas, this booster could work for you too.

The Drive X OTR Fleet

This weBoost’s second most powerful in-vehicle cell signal booster. It features up to 24.8 dBm in uplink output, and up to 2.9 dBm in downlink output power. This is more than enough to improve the distance to cell towers for most drivers. We’ve recommended the Drive X OTR Fleet to several different types of companies who’ve all reported success with it.

Logistics Companies, Contact Signal Connect!

Are you ready to improve communication for your trucking, logistics, or utility company? The team at our Signal Connect division is here to help you. They’ll answer your questions and match your vehicles with the right weBoost Fleet Series booster. Just give them a call at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below.

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