The Plenum Cable You Need When You Need It

HVAC installers and building managers take note. Solid Signal is your No. 1 source for the best plenum-rated cable.

If you’re reading this, you probably live in a state that requires plenum cables. Or you’re an HVAC installer who works on large buildings or you’re a manager of these facilities. Or you might work as a network installer or commercial contractor. Either way, your state requires you to use these cables in the “plenum” space of these facilities. It might not be something you install every day, but you need it when you need it. To help you, Solid Signal carries a huge variety of plenum-rated cables your jobs need. Check them out!

1. RFS ½-Inch Plenum Air Red Cable

This plenum-rated cable is primarily used in public safety applications.

2. CommScope TeraSPEED Plenum Distribution Cable Armored 24F

This distribution cable features interlocking aluminum armored with a 24-fiber, single-unit plenum jacket.

3. JMA Wireless N-Male Plenum-Only Straight Compression Connector

Because you need a plenum-rated connector when joining plenum cable.

We Carry More Plenum-Rated Cables…

We hope we didn’t give you the impression that we only carry three of these cables. The ones we featured above are very popular sellers. Solid Signal has a huge variety of plenum cables in our online inventory. We also stock a good selection of LSZH cables for installers who need them. Feel free to search our product selection for the cables you need.

Oh! One More Thing About Plenum Cables…

There’s more to these wires than meets the eyes. The most unique aspect of them is their ability to not give off poisonous gasses if they catch fire. This safety feature is the reason some states require it. Would you like to know more about these unique cables? Check out Stuart Sweet’s recent post, “What is plenum-rated cable?” Like everything he writes for The Solid Signal Blog, it’s very informative.

Get Plenum-Rated Cable from Solid Signal

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