The Safest Cell Phone Charging Cable Ever!

We just can’t stop tripping over our cell phone charging cables. That’s why everyone needs this is three-in-one magnetic charging cable.

We all need charging cables, but I’m not talking about cheap gas station charging cables. We need this three-in-one magnetic charging cable. That means it’s three interchangeable heads feature USB Micro, USB-C, and Lightning connectors. That’s just one – Or is it three? – of the many features and benefits that make this a must-have charging cable. Ultimately, this specific cable prevents the one thing that’s a problem with other, less-advanced charging cables, and that’s…

…Damage Done by Suddenly Disconnecting it

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all tripped over our charging phone at least once. When we did, we probably said something like, “I’m never going to leave the cord hanging out like that again.” Then we do it again and another member of our family trips over it… or we do again. Since we’re never going to stop tripping over charge cords, why not use the cord that’s designed to prevent damage when this happens?

When a charge cord is violently ripped from your phone, it damages your phone’s charging parts. It often causes something called “wiggly ports.” Wiggly ports lead to you having a hard time charging your phone. Some of you might even use a pair of pliers to slightly bend the charge connector so you can continue to charge your phone. This charging cord prevents all that, thanks to its…

…Three-Step Protection Plan

That’s right! This cell phone charging cable protects you from damaged ports in three ways. The first is its magnetic connector. Remember the three charging heads I told you about earlier? Well, these attach to the cord via a magnetic connection. If you or someone else trips over the cord, it severs the connection to the cord while the connector remains inside your charging port. This break-away connection prevents damage from trips and snags.

A pivoting head is the second part of this charging cords protection. The head that your connectors attach to pivots 180 degrees. This adds to the prevention it offers against trips and snags. This pivoting head also offers you some flexibility in your charging options. While safety is important, convenience is key. The experts at Solid Signal know this, and that’s why we carry consumer electronics products that you can trust.

The third part of this protection plan is the cord itself. This isn’t some cable made of fiber-thin copper strands covered in a light coat of rubber. Oh no! This charging cord is made of braided nylon, which is stronger and more flexible than those cheap rubber-coated gas station charging cords. The nylon cord’s design also prevents it from getting tangled up. Anyone who’s ever had to untie the knots in a rubber charging cord should appreciate this!

Get This cell Phone Charging Cable from Solid Signal!

By now, you know that THIS three-in-one cell phone charging cable is the one you should have at home. If you’re going to trip over cords, it might as well be this one. The easiest way to get yours is to order it off the product page on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to give our US-based customer service reps a call at 888-233-7563. They will answer any questions you might have about this amazing three-in-one charging cord.

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