The Superhero Wars: HBO Max Vs. Disney+?

Relax! There’s no such thing as “the superhero wars.” That would be silly. It’s more like the Superhero Battle, which is a small theater of conflict in the Streaming Services War. Don’t act so surprised! The streaming service providers are fighting tooth and nail for our dollars. The Aquaman: King of Atlantis animated series could be one of many DC Comics-related programming coming to HBO Max!

The Future of Streaming: HBO Max

You probably already know that HBO Max is expected to launch in May of this year. The projected monthly rate will be $14.99. HBO recently announced the Aquaman series at the recent 2020 Television Critics Association press tour. It’s likely to be one entry in a smorgasbord of DC Comics-related programming on HBO Max. Just to refresh your memory: Aquaman is DC Comics, DC Comics is Warner Bros., and Warner Bros. is WarnerMedia. As you know, WarnerMedia and HBO are also AT&T.

HBO Max is hitting the marketing after Disney+ has had a few months to establish itself. Why is that important? Because I predict streaming will become a “Coke Vs. Pepsi” world with AT&T and Disney being the two major players. Serious fans with money to burn might get both services. Regular folks with bills might have to choose between the two. HBO Max would be my choice because I like everything it has to offer. (Star Wars was only cool when I was a kid.) I predict HBO Max will also be the choice of many other movies and DC Comics fans.

Yeah, I Know What You’re Thinking…

…Aquaman has been the butt of pop culture jokes for a long time now. If you’re old enough to remember MTV’s The State, the DC Comics character was lampooned in a skit. Long story short, Superman is giving Justice League members instructions to fight a villain. When he comes to Aquaman, he says, “You go… talk to some fish.” The other superheroes literally fall down laughing. More recently, Aquaman was lampooned in an episode of The Big Bang Theory:

While that’s funny, Aquaman fandom is enjoying a resurgence. It all has to do with Warner Brothers’ 2018 film Aquaman. It starred none other than Jason Momoa, fresh off his Game of Thrones fame. The movie was the fifth highest-grossing film of that year and peaked at the 20th highest of all time at that time. (Not bad for a superhero who just “talks to the fish!”) If HBO Max’s new animated series is based on that film, it should be an exciting and popular addition to HBO Max’s superhero content.

Streaming in 2020 and Beyond

I don’t think it comes as a surprise when I tell you that I love streaming my favorite shows. Clearly, I’m not the only one. All the big names are getting into the streaming business. This should redefine what we call the “home theater experience.” It’s not about the equipment you use, it’s about the programming you’re watching. Speaking of which, I wonder if movie theaters as we know them – high prices, rude people, etc. – will become an artifact of the past. Considering what the “theater experience” has devolved into, that might not be such a bad thing.

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