THROWBACK THURSDAY: The launch of Xtreme Signal

Every story has a beginning. We launched our Xtreme Signal line of antennas in 2014 with just two models, the HD1080X and HD8200XL. Since then, we’ve added the exclusive, award-winning HDB2XHDB4XHDB8X, and HDB91X to round out the line and give you top performance no matter how far from the towers you are. (The HD1080X and other models we’ve launched have not quite lived up to standards so we discontinued them.)

Today, there’s a selection of Xtreme Signal antennas for everyone, but back in 2014 no one knew about this new brand. So we reached out to partners throughout the country to test the new products and the verdicts were always the same — looks great, performs great.

Today Xtreme Signal is one of the top performing brands of antennas in the US, and it’s all because of millions of satisfied customers. But… it all started back in ’14 with just two antenna models.

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Stuart Sweet
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