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Why would you buy tools at Because we have the best selection of tools ranging from the common ones you’ll find in stores to the super-precise ones you’ll need for custom installations. We have the brands that everyone knows as well as more specific brands like Greenlee that are only used for RF installations. You’ll find that our prices are fair and it’s easy to add the tools you need when you’re shopping for our full line of commercial equipment.

It’s not just simple hand tools either — we have a full line of signal meters for every need, grounding supplies to meet your local code, and all of the specialty testers you’ll need for any sort of electric or electronic situation. It’s all part of our commitment to add over 10,000 new parts to our catalog throughout 2015, and we search far and wide to find full-line distributors as well as specialty manufacturers to get us the best tools for you.

Don’t believe me? Shop now for installation tools at Solid Signal!

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