Top 10 Reasons to Buy from Solid Signal Right Now

I don’t know who was the first person to use a “top-10” list, but it’s been part of our culture for decades. Think about it. Who doesn’t have a top-10 list of their favorite movies and TV shows, for example? Given the popularity of top-10 lists, we have one of our own… and it’s for you. Without any further ado, here are the top 10 reasons to shop at Solid Signal right now.

1. We Have the Best Accessories for Working from Home

It’s no secret that more and more people are working from home right now. This trend has placed demands on products and connectivity services like never before. To help business owners and remote employees – and everyone else – we’re carrying the gotW3 connectivity solution. This is quite literally the best connectivity solution available today, and Solid Signal is proud to carry it.

2. We’re the Satellite TV Experts

Right now is the perfect time to get satellite TV. Seriously. Due to recent events, everyone is spending more time at home these days. Cable TV just isn’t all that anymore. (It hasn’t been for a long time.) Satellite TV, on the other hand, offers the highest-quality resolution and the most channels and viewing options. Our Signal Connect division is a DIRECTV and DISH authorized dealer. They can help you with every step of the process of getting satellite TV in your home, office, RV, or boat.

3. We Also Know Cell Phone Boosters

Cell phone connectivity is SO important these days. You need to stay connected at home, at work, and on the road. Guess what? There’s a cell phone signal booster to improve your connectivity in all three of those environments. If you need to improve your cellular connectivity, you need one of these devices. And to get one of these devices, it’s best to turn to the experts. That’s right, Solid Signal and our Signal Connect division.

4. We’re Shipping Things That Amazon Isn’t

Amazon is limiting its shipping to critical items like food and medicine only. That means they’re not shipping consumer electronics products, aka gadgets, in most cases. Since gadgets are our specialty, we’re able to fulfill your product needs. Which brings me to my third point… actually, it pretty much brings up the rest of the items on this list. So here goes…

5. We Have What You Need in Stock

The talented people in our purchasing department always make sure we’re well-stocked. This means we have what you need when you need it, which is always now. The hardworking people on our warehouse team will quickly find your product, pull it, and ship it out to you. We do this because we understand how important your product needs can be. You can count on us to fulfill them quickly and accurately.

6. We’re Answering the Phones

Our U.S.-based customer service team is on staff and ready to take your calls. This means they can answer any questions you have about our products and services. These days, it seems like everything is automated, even busy call centers. And, you might get put on hold for 30 minutes before you get the “privilege” of trying to communicate with a recording. You should be glad to know that Solid Signal values the importance of friendly customer service.

7. We Offer Multiple Support Options Now

Sometimes, the information you need can’t be gleaned from a phone call. You can try our live chat support. You made have a highly technical question that requires the help of the expert’s expert. We have one and you probably know who he is. Start Sweet has created numerous tutorials, videos, and more on a variety of subjects. There’s also the Support from Solid Signal Facebook page. This lets you post your question for him to answer.

8. We Help You Find Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed

Some of the electronics products we offer have more than use. And sometimes there are things you need to do during an installation that you haven’t thought of. For these and everything else you’re not aware of there’s Solid Signal. Like we mentioned above, when you contact us, you can be confident that you’ll get the best help available. You’ll also get the most complete solution you’re looking for… even if you didn’t know you needed it.

9. We Have 20 Years’ Experience

But what does that mean? Many companies have been around for a while after all. Well, for us, 20 years has been a long time to refine our approach to everything we do. We’ve assembled the best teams possible for each of our departments. All of these talented people make up what we call the “well-oiled machine” that Solid Signal and all its divisions are today. What this means for you is simple: Our team has the products, services, and information you need.

10. You’re Supporting Some Great People

It’s true. Solid Signal has filled 55 jobs in our Novi, Michigan offices. We also contribute to the livelihoods of hundreds in our distribution centers. This company considers itself a family… a family made up of many people who work hard to support their own families. Every one of them is happy to help you. When you shop at Solid Signal and its divisions, you’re helping them too.

So, There You Go…

…There are 10 great reasons why you should buy from Solid Signal now. Speaking on behalf of everyone here, we look forward to helping you get what you need. Are you looking for the ideal electronic product solution? Or maybe you need satellite TV. Either way, you’ll get the help you need by calling 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.