Truckers: Get DIRECTV in Your Big Rig!

Satellite TV for big rigs and fleets is very popular these days. This comes as no surprise. Truck drivers work hard to keep the American economy moving, so it’s only natural that they want to kick back with their favorite shows when they rest. With plenty of DIRECTV for 18-wheeler experience, Signal Connect is the trucker’s choice in satellite TV for big rigs and fleets.

Why You Need Satellite TV in Your Vehicles

Did you know that cell phone service doesn’t cover the entire country? This is why you can’t rely upon it. Satellite TV, on the other hand, covers about 99.9 percent of the country. As long you have a view to the sky, you can receive DIRECTV. When it’s this easy, there’s no reason not to have your favorite news, sports and entertainment delivered right to your rig!

Signal Connect Provides the Best DIRECTV Options

Do you have DIRECTV at home? Then you already know how amazing this service is. The variety of programming it offers is simply mind-boggling! We also can deliver local news, sports, weather and other programs to your other home – your rig. Call us and ask to sign up as a mobile account. The Solid Signal team is happy to explain how it all works… and how you won’t miss your favorite national and local shows.

Satellite TV for Semi Trucks

When it comes to DIRECTV for semi-trucks or big rigs, we deliver the best options available today. Signal Connect is here to help you choose the best package for your needs, budget and travel plans. For big rigs and fleets, we recommend the following choices:

  • In-motion satellite TV equipment lets your passenger watch while you’re driving. This is the perfect option for driving teams, as it allows each member of the team to catch up on their favorite shows while the other member is driving.
  • Portable satellite TV equipment allows you to enjoy DIRECTV during your downtime. Catch your favorite shows at the truck stop, your customer’s loading docks or any other time you park your rig.
  • Since you can’t watch TV while you’re driving, we offer packages with a DVR. This allows you to record your favorite shows while driving, resting or even watching other shows!

To provide you with the best options for your needs and budget, Signal Connect gives you a choice of satellite television options:

  • Auto-locating dish: As the name implies, these dishes locate satellite signals automatically. For the trucker who wants the best of everything, we recommend this premium option.
  • Stationary dishes: These mini dishes are mounted upon a tripod and temporarily placed upon the roof of your tractor. While these systems are easy to assemble, you still have to manually locate the signal. If you don’t mind a little effort, this affordable option is the dish for you.

Whichever service and equipment package you choose, you can count on us to take care of you before, during and after the sale. If you need anything, just give us a call. We mean it!

Manage a Fleet? We’ve Got You Covered!

Your drivers work hard and they deserve their favorite shows during their breaks. Whether you have two rigs or 200, Signal Connect will deliver satellite TV to your commercial shipping operation. Just tell us how many rigs are in your fleet and we’ll do the rest. Our solutions will benefit your company and your drivers.

Get Rollin’ with Satellite TV Today!

Let us help you bring satellite TV and free over-the-air broadcast programming to your big rig or fleet. To get the process started, take a moment to fill out our online form below. A member of the Signal Connect team will contact you to discuss viewing packages, equipment, and everything else you need to get DIRECTV. You also can call us directly at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below.

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