Weather stations? Don’t you have a smartphone for that?

Because your smartphone can’t be the answer for everything. Sometimes you need real measurements from your real location. When you use your phone’s weather app, it’s not giving you the weather where you are. It’s giving you the weather at the closest reporting station which is usually an airport or other government facility. That could be miles away or at a totally different elevation. There’s only one way to get the real weather at your real location and that’s to take it yourself.

Luckily, that’s a pretty easy task. Solid Signal has a whole line of weather stations from La Crosse that have wireless sensors for indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity reading. You can find out what the weather is like right where you are.

Why does it matter? It matters a lot if you live in the mountains and the nearest weather station is down in the valley. It matters a lot if you live in an area prone to freak thunderstorms or tornadoes. It matters a lot if you’re planning to spend time outdoors. These are cases when your smartphone will just plain lie to you. There’s no point in gathering information that’s 15-20 minutes old from a location miles away when you could be getting live information from your own backyard, now.

The best part is that color weather stations are far less expensive than they have ever been and you can get a model that suits your needs for less than you thought possible. Even better, the whole selection is available here for you to browse. Our Solid Signal techs are here to help explain the different models, too!