Movies Extra Pack is free until November 12

Fasten those seat belts and fire up those DVRs, it’s time for a weeklong preview of DIRECTV’s Movies Extra Pack.

What is the Movies Extra Pack?

The Movies Extra Pack was originall known as the The HD Extra Pack. In case you have forgotten about them, these are a group of channels with high-end entertainment but not quite so high end that you’d pay for them individually. DIRECTV originally created the pack out of channels that had no SD equivalents, but that doesn’t seem like much of a distinction anymore.

Still, the Movies Extra Pack is out there and it seems like AT&T is pretty generous with the free previews of it. It’s usually even possible to get a 3-month free trial of it if you expend a little effort.

Some pretty good stuff out there

If you’re curious what it’s all about, you have a week to try it. Remember that programs recorded during free previews are usually watchable even after the preview ends, so load up that DVR now! Here’s the channel list for you:

565 – Hallmark Movie Channel HD
566 – HDNet Movies
567 – MGM HD
568 – Sony Movie Channel HD
569 – Universal HD
570 – Smithsonian HD
571 – Crime & Investigation HD
572 – MTV Live
573 – Shorts HD

Preview ends November 12

The preview was totally unannounced and started yesterday, and continues on until November 12. If you’re one of those folks who get Veteran’s Day off, you might just find there’s a lot of great content out there to enjoy on these channels.

Take a look at the awesome content on the Movies Extra Pack. There are ten channels which broadcast 24/7. You’ll find it’s very reasonably priced for what you get. If you look at what people are paying for services like AppleTV+ which has precisely 9 programs, this looks like an excellent value and well worth a few extra dollars on top of your already reasonable DIRECTV bill.

To order the Movies Extra Pack, just go to or, whichever you use to manage your account. You can order the Movies Extra Pack without even talking to a representative and the charge will go on your regular bill.

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