Forget about Exede and WildBlue – it’s just Viasat now

Satellite internet is great if you can’t get wired service. For example, if you’re on a boat at sea, or if you’re really really remote. For decades, Viasat, Exede and WildBlue have been three of the top brands out there, the other being HughesNet. As of today, all of the brands owned by Viasat are simply going to be known as Viasat.

I’m not sure why this took so long. Viasat bought WildBlue back in 2009, and they’ve always owned the Exede service. But whatever, as of today it’s all Viasat. The company even rolled out a spiffy new logo that doesn’t look like it was created in the 1990s. The old one, see below… did.

As more and more of the world is covered using traditional internet, and with 5G fixed wireless coming, I think what we’re seeing here is that Viasat is trying to shore up its current customer base and they acknowledge that their service isn’t ever going to take over the world. Satellite internet is absolutely better than no internet at all, but it is costly and often times slower than traditional cellular internet. It’s much, much slower than traditional wired internet.

There’s a news release, if you’re interested, here.

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