We’re off to CES!

It’s that time again!

Time for the blog team to pack up and head to the western hemisphere’s largest consumer electronics show. The show floor opens tomorrow morning and we’ll be there trying to compete with the well-funded folks from engadget and other sites. We may not have an RV, but we’ve got plucky, excited people on the floor ready to tell you all about the stuff our Solid Signal fans care about

CES stands for…

Actually CES doesn’t stand for anything. The Consumer Technology Association, the organization that puts on the show, just calls it “CES.” When the show was put on by the Consumer Electronics Association, the abbreviation stood for “Consumer Electronics Show.” I guess that they didn’t want to change the name of the show to CTS, because people would think they were going to see Cadillacs.

The excitement is building

Every year the team sits down and asks themselves whether this show is “past its shelf life.” The show itself was conceived before most of its attendees were born, back in 1967. Back then you needed a place to see new devices. There was no internet and you couldn’t count on your local newspaper to give you good coverage. So, trade shows back then gave companies the opportunity to showcase their new ideas and new tech.

Today of course we have plenty of ways to find out about new technology, with online and broadcast news sources giving the story out for free, 24/7. But CES is still a great place for business to get done. Every year at the end of the show I swear it’s going to be the last time I go. And, every year about 10 months later I start getting my plans together to go again.

Watch this blog

We’ll be posting new content as soon as we can. Sadly, show floor internet coverage isn’t always reliable. That’s not surprising with 100,000 people trying to use it at the same time. So expect some odd-hours posts every day. If you’ve been following our coverage since 2013, you know that it may take a little while for us to weigh in on something but when we do we give you the details that no one else will.

Find us on the show floor

Looking for the staff? Send us an email and we’ll try to link up!

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