What are YOU Streaming in 2020?

After all of Stuart Sweet’s predictions on this blog, I thought it was time for some of my own. And what better place to do it than Streaming Saturday, my very own weekly column. So, what prediction am I going to make? Exactly what Stuart Sweet will be streaming here in the new year. That’s pretty easy if you know his obsession with a certain cheesy sci-fi series that kicked off on September 8, 1966. Once we get that boring old fart out of the way, I’ll make some additional predictions about what more discerning streamers like you and me are likely to enjoy in 2020.

So, What’s Stuart Streaming in 2020?

This ridiculous romp looks like it belongs on the Disney+ streaming service instead:

I thought Star Trek was supposed to be the originator of all this high-falutin’ space adventure stuff? Because watching this trailer, I could swear I was watching Star Wars. Think about it. There’s the Borg ship looming onscreen like the Death Star, some kung fu dude swinging a sword like a lightsaber, and some young, hotshot dude who looks like some bargain-basement Han Solo. Throw in an unstoppable Mary Sue and a nod to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and you have Star Trek: Picard.

Now, we all know Stuart LOVES his Star Trek. He loves it so much that he foolishly forked over his hard-earned dough to get CBS All Access because of its unique Star Trek content. We all know he’s regretted that decision in the past; but, to be honest, this show is just the thing to get our resident Vulcan’s blood a’pumping. My prediction: He’ll rush to stream it on January 23, then the buyer’s remorse will kick in. When it does, he’ll go back to griping about All Access here on the blog.

What I’ll be Streaming in 2020…

…A lot of great original series and shows on my favorite streaming services. These include:

Love Life and Run on HBO

This 10-episode comedy starts Anna Kendrick and Paul Feig. It explores the idea that the people we date throughout our life help shape us into who were become when we end up with the person we stay with forever. I’m guessing this is something that a lot of people can relate to. It’s scheduled for a May release.

Run is created and written by Vicky Jones, creator of Killing Eve and Fleabag. The comedy stars Merritt Wever playing the part of a woman who’s asked to fulfill a pact she made with an old flame when she was a kid. I’m guessing this will be a light-hearted romp with a heartwarming message at the end, but we shall see sometime this year.

Bridgerton on Netflix

Okay, I don’t know much about this but I know we’ll be watching it. More to the point, I know Mrs. Buckler will be tuning in. It’s a period piece that’s shot in London and scripted by Shonda Rhimes of Gray’s Anatomy fame. That’s all I need to make a solid prediction that this will have a screening in the Buckler household. This series has an unspecified release date of sometime this year.

Your Honor on Showtime

This looks like a good one. Imagine Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as a judge whose son gets involved in a hit-and-run. This leads to a lies, deceit, and a host of other bad stuff. This 10-episode drama also stars Michael Stuhlbarg and Carmen Ejogo.

And Much More!

Yeah, I know I sound like a TV pitchman. That was the whole point. But I mean it, though. This is just a smattering of the new shows that are headed to my favorite streaming services this year. I have absolutely no doubt that there will be more coming throughout the year. I’m talking movies and series here, as I hope there will be enough of both to stream throughout the new year and beyond. In the meantime, let’s take a look at…

…What the Rest of You Might be Streaming

…Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t subscribe to every streaming service available. There is a handful of streaming services that Mrs. Buckler and I don’t have, and here are some of the 2020’s latest shows that still look interesting:

Central Park on Apple TV+

This is another animated series from the creator of Bob’s Burgers. It’s about a family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park and end up saving the world or something.

Superhero Shows and More on Disney+

Big surprise, right? This time around it’s Falcon and Winter Soldier, a continuation of the Marvel universe, sometime in 2020. There’s also something called Lizzie McGuire starring Hilary Duff. No, it’s not a superhero show but something tells me it still has its fanboys and girls.

Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

This stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington in an eight-episode limited series based off the Celest Ng bestseller. It almost makes me wish we had Hulu… almost.

And More or Something

There are also many more shows headed to streaming services like Peacock and other outlets. Frankly, I think there are too many niche streaming services these days. My paycheck, although ample, can only stretch so far. So, generally speaking, if I can’t afford them all, I’m not going to write about them all. I leave that to Stuart. Like I said above, I’m expecting him to deliver a full report of Star Trek: Picard. Granted, it’s probably the only positive thing he’ll be able to say about CBS All Access. Then again, he’s lived to prove me wrong before so I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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