What’s in the Box? May 30, 2018 Edition

Are you someone who uses your Android phone for more than just the occasional phone call? If so, you might be interested in this week’s mystery product. It’s an electronic device that connects to your Android phone to improve your text messaging, picture taking, games, and more. With so much wrapped up into your phone, this very useful device could be a sound investment for you. Solid Signal offers this electronic product at an attractively low price. Considering all of these clues, do you know what’s in the box?

Find Out What's In The Box!

This week’s mystery product is the OTG USB-to-micro-USB adapter for Android devices. Manufactured by Tech Choice, this six-inch adapter lets you connect a keyboard, camera, video game controller, and more to your Android phone. This unit is a USB A female to micro USB B male adapter. As long as the device you want to attach to your phone is compatible, you’re good to go.

Here are some of the features and benefits of this adapter device:

  • It can connect to Wi-Fi adapters, Ethernet adapters, printers, cameras, keyboards, mice, USB drives, hard drives, etc.
  • Compatible with most Android phones. (Check the OTG USB Checker app on the Google Play store.)
  • With most phones, it lets you lend some juice to other devices by charging the battery.
  • Plug in and print directly to most printers.
  • Works with most PS3 and wired XBOX 360 controllers.

This adapter lets you connect a wide variety of peripheral devices to your phone. A mini-keyboard is one of the most popular devices people use with this adapter. It’s usually those who get frustrated trying to type on a small cellphone keyboard. With the help of this adapter, you can type and send legible text messages that are free from mistakes, auto correct or otherwise. Most people who get this OTG adapter get it for this purpose in mind. If you’re tired of having to send a text message explaining the message you sent before it, this adapter is for you. Just never text while driving!

It’s fun to take pictures with your phone, but this limits you to the device’s photo features. With this adapter, you can connect your favorite digital camera to your phone and take the pics you want to take. You’ll have all the benefits of zooming and other digital camera features with the ease of storing your pics on your phone. It’s the best of both worlds for photo fans!

Do you like playing video games on your Android phone? If so, this adapter might be what you’re looking for. Just plug the right video game controller into your phone to play your favorite cell phone games. Having the benefit of an actual video game controller is surely better than trying to get a high school using your phone’s tiny buttons. If you’re serious about your favorite games, this adapter is the device for you.

Get the OTG USB-to-Micro-USB Adapter

Could you use the Tech Choice USB A female to micro USB B male adapter? This low cost product offers plenty of uses to anyone who uses their Android phone for more than just the occasional call. Solid Signal stocks plenty of these helpful devices in our vast online inventory. If you’d like to order an adapter, or you have some questions about it, give us a call at 888-233-7563. Our team of electronic product experts are always happy to help!


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