What’s in the Box? October 11, 2018

Did you cut the cord only to have problems with your over-the-air TV antenna? Do the digital TV signals on your TV freeze? Or maybe the images in certain parts of your TV screen appear blocky? These are the typical signs of weak TV antenna signal. If so, we have just the thing to improve your TV antenna installation. It’s this week’s mystery product, and it can help a lot of cord-cutters maximize their viewing experiences. Do you think you might know what this product is?

Find out what’s in the box!

Introducing the Televes LTE filtering, 3-port distribution amp for TV antennas. This amazing, two-in-one product can help some cord-cutters improve TV antenna reception. It’s a distribution amplifier, which means it amplifies the signal TV antennas receive. This device also filters LTE signals. What does that mean? Well, LTE signals is a fancy way of saying the signals sent out by cell phone towers. Cell phone signals can interrupt over-the-air TV signals, and cell towers are nearly everywhere these days.

This distribution amp delivers amplified and filtered TV signals to up to three TVs. This signal gets distributed to three TVs without ground loops or signal degradation. The unit features two 20dB gain outputs. It also features a 12dB gain output labeled “TV.” This is called the “pass-through” port. It allows the amp to be placed close to your TV set, and transmits signal at the same strength as the antenna signal. This helps prevent overloading your TV and lets you use the amplifier in your home theater setup.

Televes loaded this three-port distribution amp with plenty of amazing features, which include:

  • Built-in low-consumption switched power supply (UL Listed)
  • 0-15dB adjustment range for gain control
  • Compact and elegant form factor for indoor installation

Who Needs this Distribution Amp?

As great as this distribution amp is, it isn’t for everyone who cuts the cord. If your TV antenna installations already receives solid signals, an amplifier will only boost the background noise that’s comment with any installation. You have to experience some type of signal loss for this to be valuable. This typically happens when your installation:

  • Features long cable runs up to 400 feet.
  • Makes use of one or more splitters.
  • You like far from your local TV station transmitters. If you’re far away from the source, the signal gets weaker over that distance.
  • You live just outside the range of another nearby TV market and want to boost those faint signals you get from channels from that area.

This distribution amp is designed for indoor installations only. Due to its compact size, it’s idea for small apartments and condos, but homeowners can use it, too. Are you a cord-cutter whose installation meets the above criteria? This Televes three-port distribution amp with LTE filtering might be exactly what you need. It could improve your reception and your OTA TV-viewing experience.

Installing the Televes Distribution Amplfier

Hooking up this distribution amplifier is very easy. Since this is an indoor device, you don’t need to ground it. Just follow these easy steps to connect the Televes three-port distribution amp:

  1. Attach your antenna to the port on the left with the up arrow.
  2. Connect the closest TV to the port that says “TV.”
  3. Connect the other TVs to the other ports.
  4. Connect the power cord to the proper receptacle.
  5. Plug the amplifier into a nearby power source.

Get the Televes Distribution Amplifier with LTE Filter

Do you need this device to improve your OTA TV reception? The best way to find out is to call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. Our antenna experts will ask you some questions about your installation and calculate your distance from the local transmitters in your area. From this and other information, we can quickly determine whether a distribution amplifier will enhance your cord-cutting experience. If you need one, our reps will recommend the best distribution amplifier for your TV installation.


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