Where can I find Solid Signal coupon codes?

I’ll admit, the title of this article is a little bit of a tease. I hope you’ll forgive me. Let me get right into it.

Solid Signal does not use any coupon codes in the summer of 2018.

Now, we have in the past and we may in the future, but right now, we don’t. Recently there have been some people who’ve complained that our checkout doesn’t let them enter a coupon code they found online.

Yep, that’s true.

It’s just not something we do. Sometimes we put our products on sale but we don’t require special codes to unlock those prices. Our low prices are there for anyone who looks at our site. Sometimes we make you add it to cart to get the price, but that’s a restriction of our manufacturers. We’re just following the rules.

Why no coupon codes?

Well, the biggest problem is that they make people unhappy. When you put something on the internet, it’s forever. There are still codes floating out there in the web from 2013 and people still want to use them. If you support coupon codes for a few years you’ll find that the number of expired ones far, far outweighs the number of good ones. People try to use old codes and they get upset at us even though we haven’t supported those codes in years.

Another problem are these so-called aggregators. I’m not pointing any fingers here, that’s not fair. Honestly they are all about the same. They may say a code is good or that it was used 20 minutes ago, but they don’t know, obviously. I’ve looked at some of these sites and they list codes from 5 years ago and say people used them 20 minutes ago. That’s just not true.

To make matters worse, most of these coupon sites won’t take a code down if you ask them to, believe me I’ve tried. I don’t want incorrect information out there confusing our customers. A lot of these sites just have a contact form where you can report an incorrect code and they don’t do anything about it. Very frustrating.

Will coupon codes ever come back?

Never say never, but we haven’t found them to be a really good way to drive business. We prefer to give you the prices up front and have great daily deals on the products you want. There just isn’t a lot of need for them.

In the meantime please tell your friends and neighbors, it would be great for them to shop at Solid Signal, but there aren’t any online coupons… just great deals every day.


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