Without DIRECTV, Bar Owners Lose Money

Bar and restaurant owners, you’re losing money each day you don’t have DIRECTV in your business.

When it comes to commercial DIRECTV accounts, some bar/restaurant owners focus on how much this service costs. They need to focus on the amount of money they’re losing by not offering this service at their business. The truth is, having DIRECTV in your bar, restaurant, or pub is a proven moneymaker throughout the year. This is one of the benefits of having DIRECTV at your bar or restaurant.

The Satellite TV Expert…

When it comes to all things satellite TV, we turn to Signal Connect, our affiliate company that specializes in satellite TV sales and activation.

The Profits of “Beer Math”

We want business owners to stop seeing DIRECTV as another item on their expense sheet. This service is actually a moneymaker, he says. To see how it can help you, all you need to do is calculate something that we call “beer math.” He explained, “The strategy of beer math is simple,” he said. “When people can watch the games at your business, they’ll stay longer. This means that they will stay longer and order more food and drinks, which means more revenue for you.

Here’s a look at the beer math formula using these general numbers, which were created for illustrative purposes:

  • DIRECTV Commercial Account with 30 TV screens: $375/month (Note: membership fees vary depending upon the size of your establishment, number of receivers and TVs, type of viewing package, etc.)
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar without sports: 45 minutes
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar with sports on: four hours
  • Average value of a customer per hour: $20
  • Average number of customers per day with no sports: 30
  • Average number of customers per day with sports: 100

Using this example, you’ll make about $450/day (based upon 0.75 hours x $20/hour x 30 customers) without DIRECTV. With DIRECTV, you’ll earn $8,000 a day based upon four hours x $20/hour x 100 customers. This means you can increase your daily sales by $7,550 (from $450 to $8,000) simply by investing $375/month in DIRECTV. Nic added, “While everyone’s numbers will be different, it’s easy to see that DIRECTV more than pays for itself. It also increases your profits by providing that total experience to your customers.”

DIRECTV for Sports Fans

Sports is a huge reason for bringing DIRECTV to your business. Watching the big game at your favorite bar or restaurant is a very popular pastime. If you want to appeal to sports fans, then you need DIRECTV.” DIRECTV offers the best sports viewing packages for the “big four” of pro sports:

  • DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX is the perfect package for football season.
  • If you want to bring in hockey fans, you need the NHL® Center Ice® package at your business.
  • MLB Extra Innings is for diehard baseball fans who want to catch every game.
  • The NBA LEAGUE PASS viewing package delivers pro basketball to your customers.

Each of these sports viewing packages provide several benefits, Nic explained. “Your patrons can watch the home or away broadcast of any game and any team,” he added. “Many bar owners get multiple receivers and TVs so customers have can choose between games.”

The Other Benefits of Commercial DIRECTV

Commercial DIRECTV accounts aren’t as expensive as some business owners might think. When compared side by side with a residential account, The two stack up rather closely in cost. A commercial account also lets business owners own the receivers and hardware while residential clients lease this equipment. This allows business owners the freedom of keeping or selling their DIRECTV hardware at the end of their contract.

A huge benefit to a commercial DIRECTV account is having a member of the Signal Connect as your account manager. If you have questions about billing, need to make a change to your account, or anything else, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it right away so you and your customers can continue enjoying satellite TV. All business owners receive this concierge service with their commercial DIRECTV package purchased through Signal Connect.

Cash in With DIRECTV at Your Bar or Restaurant

DIRECTV isn’t a cost, it’s a proven moneymaker. If you don’t have it, then you’re losing money to your competitors who offer this service. Go into any sports bar on a game day and you’ll see people enjoying themselves. With DIRECTV, they could be doing this at your business. If you’re a business owner who’s interested in increasing your revenue, call us at 844.838.2375. He will answer your questions and offer product and viewing package recommendations for your commercial DIRECTV account.

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