You can watch HBO Max on Roku starting today

The holidays are here and here’s a present for anyone with the most popular standalone streaming box. As of today, you can now install the HBO Max app on Roku. You’ve got just over a week to do so before the world premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, which is premiering on HBO Max (and not on HBO’s live channels, from what I can see.)

Tony Goncalves, WarnerMedia’s Chief Revenue Officer, says,

HBO Max is an incredible product with an unparalleled content offering that puts the consumer at the center, and we’re thrilled that Roku users will be able to experience all the great stories HBO Max has to offer. We’re breaking new ground in the months ahead, and we can’t wait to work with our longtime partners at Roku to build on our past successes and bring HBO Max’s best-in-class quality entertainment to Roku’s large and highly engaged audience.

Mr. Goncalves’ polished statement puts a happy end to over a year of negotiations, and allows HBO Max to enter 2021 with support from all major streaming platforms. The future looks bright for AT&T.

Good for everyone

This is a great time to have HBO Max, because the combination of original programming and movies can’t be beat. The company has announced that all upcoming Warner releases for 2020 and 2021 will premiere on HBO Max and in theaters on the very same day. As a resutul, this gives everyone a choice. People can choose being safe at home or enjoying the large screen, whichever makes more sense for where they are.

I personally think this is a good decision, and there are a lot of reasons. I know a lot of people who just don’t go to the theater and didn’t go in previous years. This decision adds a lot of value to HBO Max and creates a more level playing field for folks who just don’t like the big theater experience.

Great original programming

It’s not like I doubted that I’d get great original programming on HBO Max. After all this is the premium channel that practically invented prestige programming. They’re the home of so many originals from Sopranos to Curb Your Enthusiasm and tons more.

Still, I’ve been really impressed by what HBO Max has brought to the table. Because, there’s something for everyone, and for me I’mh ooked on The Flight Attendant. Kaley Cuoco, who I’m sure you recall from The Big Bang Theory, shows incredible depth and versatility in her starring role, and it’s always great to see folks like Rosie Perez and T.R. Knight doing what they do best. It’s worth a watch.

Enjoy the weekend

If you’re an HBO Max subscriber with a Roku, I’m sure I know what you’ll be doing this weekend. If you don’t have HBO Max yet, this might just be the month to sign up. Remember, if you have HBO on practically any pay-TV service you can also get HBO Max for free. All you have to do is sign in with your username and password. Enjoy!

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