CES 2010 Update: Wednesday

CES 2010 Update:  Wednesday January 6th.  The day before CES, we take registered and took a sneak peek at the Innovations Hall.  Stay tuned for further CES updates! To purchase any of the products shown…

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CES 2010 Update: Tuesday

CES 2010 Update:  Tuesday January 5th.  We traveled from Detroit to Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for further CES updates! To purchase any of the products shown please go to http://www.solidsignal.com/

Direct TV SWM 8 Multi-Switch

Eight channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM). Allows any transponder from any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels.  Click here for more info.

Daily Updates From CES 2010

Solid Signal TV will be providing daily updates from CES 2010.  Daily ‘Flip Cam’ updates will begin Tuesday, January 5th. To purchase any of the products shown please go to www.solidsignal.com  

WiEx 510 Cellular Range Extender

Improves cell phone coverage in your home or office by amplifying the signal Improves cellular reception for Quad-Band phones such as the new 3G iPhone. This is the only booster that will work for the…

Mr Signal Wi-Ex

A mobile phone or mobile (also called cellphone and handphone[1]) is a long-range, electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephony, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stationsknown as cell sites. Cell phones differ from cordless telephones, which only offer telephony service within a limited range, e.g….

SolidSignal.com Now Offering Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Accessories

Online retailer SolidSignal.com (sharing no relation to Solid Snake) has announced that they will be offering up gaming accessories to their line-up, including new peripherals for gaming consoles and hard-to-find, discontinued peripherals for gamers who can’t give…

Overheating Xbox 360: The Solution

Xbox 360 is one of the hottest selling video gaming consoles today. Besides, this console offers a huge library of games and more. However, it has been found that overheating is one of the problems plaguing…

How do I rescan for new digital channels?

Many stations have changed their frequency or broadcast channel on February 12th. This will cause a lot of converter boxes to say no signal, a quick channel scan will clue your converter box in on…