What is a “guy wire?”

You’ve seen them on very large broadcast antennas… how do you know if you need them? Guy wires are those wires that connect the top of an antenna to a point on the ground or roof, and keep the antenna stable in high winds. There’s nothing magical about a guy wire. Solid Signal sells them or you can use any high-tension wire available locally.

If you have an antenna on a tall mast and notice it swaying in the wind, that antenna may benefit from some guy wires. Guy wires are easy to install: attach three of them where the mast attaches to the antenna. They can twist on or you can attach them into the mounting bolts. For a super-secure fit drill holes in your mast and use bolts to attach the wires, but that’s not super-necessary in most cases. Attach the other side of the guy wires to points on your roof or on the ground, and slowly tighten the wires so that all three are nice and tight and the antenna can’t move. Ideally the three wires should be mounted 120 degrees apart from each other but in the case of large bowtie antennas that may not be possible, so just mount them as far from each other as possible without letting any of them block the antenna.

When the wind comes blowing, guy wires will help you feel confident that your antenna can weather the storm, and that you’ll keep watching TV no matter what.