New install video: weBoost Home Complete

This latest video from the Solid Signal team shows you how awesome the weBoost Home Complete really is. You’ll see every aspect of the install experience, but stay tuned until the end of the video to see how the booster performed in real-world testing.

Home Complete: The booster for when you’re really serious

I don’t know why they call it the Home Complete because this booster is obviously built to work with small businesses too. It’s solidly put together, that’s for sure. Home Complete is the only booster on the market that comes with RG11 cable standard, so there’s less loss as you go through the cable.

It’s also one of the most stylish boosters on the market, especially the innovative indoor antenna which breaks the mold. Usually indoor antennas are plain black or white plastic. This has a great tabletop mount and a fabric-covered front panel that actually makes it look really decent in a home or office.

You also get great mounting options, whether wall mounting or tabletop mounting. The outdoor antenna can be put up several different ways, too.

But what’s the best way to do it?

The only way to know for sure is to watch this video!

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