Ken Reid and Anna Campbell-Jones


UK TV Times December 31, 1983 – January 6, 1984


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This week Ken welcomes designer, host of Scotland’s Home of the Year, former actor and all around one of the coolest people I’ve ever talked to, Anna Campbell-Jones to the show.


Ken and Anna discuss Ken’s plans to pull a heist and move to rural Scotland, First Love – Secrets, being a teen actor, Free Masons, The Word, Channel 4, The Young Ones, London in the 1970s, psychobilly, The Cramps, going to art school, negotiating viewing with siblings, how shows in the UK don’t start on the 00s or 30s, The Radio Times vs. The TV Times, snooker, car racing, New Year’s Day regret, police procedurals, Bergerac, Columbo, cute murders, The Wicker Man, Yul Brenner, loving musicals, South Pacific, Happy Talk, The Damned, Elvis, being recognized in public, nice comfortable TV, not applying your own tastes to everything, what home is about, The Repair Shop, un-PC TV, The Black and White Minstrel Show, James Bond, when Alternative Comedy became the mainstream, Teletext, Ceefax enthusiasts, Byker Grove, Ant and Dec, Grange Hill, Ant and Dec, what Dexter Fletcher wasn’t in, Bugsy Malone, Paul Williams, Teen Disco Dance Championship, mid-century stuff, Doctor Who, Tom Baker, The Doctor Who Restoration Team, Tomorrow’s World, Look Around You, when the future is the past, when TV was designed to just air once, The A-Team, the American World on Television, Cheers, The Sweeney, and the wonders of Christmas Specials.



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I’m Ken Reid, a stand up comedian from Boston, MA and a life long television fan. I’ve been twice nominated as the Best Stand up in Boston and I have been featured on Comedy Central, NPR, Nerdist, and MSN. I own every issue of TV Guide. Each week a guest chooses an issue at random, picks their viewing choices from that week and the show is our discussion of the tough viewing choices of our past. We get into stories about growing up, people’s relationship with television, some cultural/media studies dissection and I spit out a lot of trivia.

Note: The Ken Reid TV Guidance Counselor Podcast is rated PG-13 and may contain mild language.

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