Ken Reid and Jenny Zigrino

Today Ken welcomes BACK the show old friend and comedian Jenny Zigrino.

Ken and Jenny discuss donut identity, looks, ditchens, BIG ELVIS, Family, John McEnroe, dead tennis players, Giggletits, Dante, honey, fun with carbon monoxide, The Exorcist, Prague, Amadeus, Ken’s Cardi B ignorance, Camels, Beard Budgets, Huck Finn, the N word book, Dick Gregory, Al Pacino, Cruisin’, The Cat from Outer Space, Deadly Eyes, dogs dressed as rats, C.H.U.D., good deals on heroin, Bumper Stickers, Rhoda, An American Hippie in Israel, fat Americans, RC Cola Diner Menus, songs Elvis could sing after he died, Uncle Hate, Dinah!, Lawrence Welk, Half and Half, Pomegranate myths, Harvey Korman, Munchies, tall people in chairs, Carol Burnett, My Three Sons, James at 15, Phyllis Diller, wig love, JoBeth Williams, and summoning Paul Lynde.

About Ken Reid

I’m Ken Reid, a stand up comedian from Boston, MA and a life long television fan. I’ve been twice nominated as the Best Stand up in Boston and I have been featured on Comedy Central, NPR, Nerdist, and MSN. I own every issue of TV Guide. Each week a guest chooses an issue at random, picks their viewing choices from that week and the show is our discussion of the tough viewing choices of our past. We get into stories about growing up, people’s relationship with television, some cultural/media studies dissection and I spit out a lot of trivia.

Note: The Ken Reid TV Guidance Counselor Podcast is rated PG-13 and may contain mild language.

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