Ken Reid and Stephanie Crawford


October 24-30, 1998


This week Ken welcomes writer, film critic, cool gal, and kindred spirit Stephanie Crawford to the show.


Ken and Stephanie discuss Las Vegas, Reno, The Luxor, Crime Story, Horror scopes, Mom and Pop Casinos, Premiere Magazine, Sassy, a love of movies, the internet in the 90s, being inspired by Almost Famous, Rolling Stone, The Good Wife, The Nest, over selling things, how Holden Caufield IS Opie Taylor, X-Rated Dick Van Dyke, Carrie II: The Rage, the awful graphic design of the late 90s, Mr. Show Bowling shirts, suburban terror, being too old to trick or treat, best Halloween costumes, The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror, Tim Thomserson, Crimewave, the humor of Xena, Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight, The Frighteners, convincing your mom to take you to movies, From Dusk Til Dawn, only children, The Surreal Life, sketch shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Baywatch, vigilante life guards, The Monster Club pop ups, boxtops for SNICK, erotic thrillers, Silk Stalkings, Libras vs Cancers, The Seventh Seal, The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, Gary Busey, Witches, call backs, Turkey Horror, Celebrity Death Match, The Secret World of Alex Mac, The Good Wife, ER, TGIF, and examining Evil Twins.

About Ken Reid

I’m Ken Reid, a stand up comedian from Boston, MA and a life long television fan. I’ve been twice nominated as the Best Stand up in Boston and I have been featured on Comedy Central, NPR, Nerdist, and MSN. I own every issue of TV Guide. Each week a guest chooses an issue at random, picks their viewing choices from that week and the show is our discussion of the tough viewing choices of our past. We get into stories about growing up, people’s relationship with television, some cultural/media studies dissection and I spit out a lot of trivia.

Note: The Ken Reid TV Guidance Counselor Podcast is rated PG-13 and may contain mild language.

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