SureCall Flare wins PC Magazine Editors’ Choice

Congratulations to the folks at SureCall! Their Flare cellular booster, now in its third iteration, has been chosen as a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice. Let’s dive into that for a second.

First things first, the Flare is a great booster.

I’ve been a fan of the Flare for years and have used one in my own home. My initial review of it showed it to be a great, high quality booster in a stylish and unique package. Years later, I stand by that. You won’t go wrong with a well-built SureCall booster at a very fair price. By the way, our price at Solid Signal is almost always lower than that of the bigger retailers, and we offer the exact same product. Why pay more?

Everyone should have a cell booster. Everyone.

I’ve never been to any home where the cell signal was “great.” Usually it’s “passable” but back when I did a lot of visiting in other people’s homes, I generally had to learn where the dead spots were. And, there were always dead spots.

A cellular signal booster like the Flare can boost the signal by close to 100,000 times as it rebroadcasts it. This gives great service in small to midsize homes and helps eliminate dead spots. Cell boosters are an easy way to deal with bad cell service. You can install one yourself and in many cases you don’t even have to drill holes in the walls in order to do it.

Now onto the elephant in the room

I guess I can’t help but being just a little snarky here. Until I got this press release from SureCall, I genuinely did not know that PC Magazine was “still a thing.” I associate that name with reviews of 386-equipped Compaq PCs from the 1980s, not cell boosters.

Apparently they’re still around, and they’ve evolved into an online portal like this blog. They review all sorts of technology and I have to say they do an excellent job. So it’s really awesome for them that they are still around. It even looks like they are still owned by their original parent, Ziff-Davis Publishing. So this isn’t a case where someone bought a defunct brand and is trying to capitalize on good will from the past. This seems like a genuine case where the company is trying to do something real and relevant. And again I say good on them.

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