30 Days With the zBoost YX545, Part 3: Outside Antenna

I’m beginning to get the feeling that the zBoost YX545 is as good as they say. All I did was tape the antenna to the window and I went from one bar to three. I know that’s not a permanent solution, so I set out to see whether or not I should mount the antenna outside. It takes a lot to get me up on a ladder and I want to know if it’s worth it.

Step 1: Creating a temporary mast

I started with a 6-foot 2×2 wooden fencepost that I had in the garage. Using my old standby, painter’s tape, I temporarily attached the antenna to it. I then took more painter’s tape and attached the fencepost to an eight-foot ladder. This wouldn’t get me all the way to the 15 feet vertical distance recommended by the instructions but it would get me about as high up as I plan to mount the antenna… if this whole thing works. I then propped the whole thing up against the chimney temporarily.

Step 2: Positioning the zBoost YX545

My goal was to put the zBoost YX545 in the exact center of the house. I only had 50 feet of cable and it had to run under doors. I actually got pretty close. The YX545 ended up in the hallway. Hey, it’s only temporary, right? I just want to know if the thing works.

Step 3: Cable Run

Running the cable was a pretty easy affair. It went under the doors well enough, as long as I didn’t close the doors. As before, connecting the antenna wire was no problem.

The next image speaks for itself. I have never, ever, in 10 years and several cell companies, had 5 bars in the house. Not even for a minute. This was in an area that normally has about three bars. Even in the office, where I get one bar at best, I got four steady bars. Call quality is excellent and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be worth it to actually get up on a ladder and mount the antenna.

The next step is to see if I can avoid going into the attic… and that’s the topic of my next article.