Hands on with the PLUGCAM, part 5: 10 surprising uses

We can’t stop talking about the PlugCAM. Our spokesmodel Charlotte (shown here hard at work) is always anxious to show off the picture quality of this inexpensive yet powerful security system. It works as a security DVR or lets you know what’s going on when you are away from the house. The more we test this camera, the more we come up to do with it. Here are ten (mostly) serious possibilities for using the PlugCAM:


  1. Put it in the baby’s room for a low-cost babycam. No sound, but it’s great for watching Junior sleep. Isn’t he cute?
  2. Put it in the garage. If you can see daylight when you turn it on, you know that you forgot to close the door.
  3. If the kids are a little older, put it in the living room with a view of the common area so you can see what the babysitter is letting them get away with.
  4. With its ability to see in the dark, put it in the fridge to see what’s really going on there when the door is closed. Not only that, you’ll see who’s stealing your yogurt at work.
  5. Put it on top of the cash register in your business. It will make it obvious that all transactions will be recorded.
  6. Use it to teach your children sign language. Important instructions can be relayed to their smartphones.
  7. Put it in a tree to watch to see what your gardener is doing when you’re not home.
  8. During family holidays, point it at the cat when she is hiding under the couch. (We did this over Thanksgiving, it was a hit.)
  9. Point it at the stove to see if that old saying “a watched pot never boils” applies when the watching is done over the internet.
  10. If you are fishing around inside your entertainment center,point the PlugCAM at something you can’t see, so you don’t have to work blind.

OK, some of these suggestions are a little silly, but the truth is that once you have a PlugCAM you won’t be able to stop putting it to a mix of serious and silly uses.

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