Another Home Brew antenna?

This is a very quick post because I just came across another antenna design which is easy to build, looks like it may also be omni directional with some gain and picks up VHF and UHF stations. I may give this one a try. It was designed by another ham radio person and based on a fractal pattern, which I’ve also wanted to do for HF (Amateur radio High Frequency) use.

A dream antenna?

I found it on Instructables, or I should say that the notice I get from Instructables had this one as one of the featured articles.

Here’s the link to the “How-to-build-it” article:

Fractal Magic DIY HDTV Antenna, by tigers58 – Fractal Magic DIY HDTV Antenna

He also starts out using 300 ohm twin lead and states that’s he’s not sure that the transformer is needed. I may test that idea out as well.

Good Viewing Until Next Time,
Phil K