Best Deals for Cookout Kings and Queens

If you’re planning any BBQs or cookouts this year, check out these deals on the gear you need for easy, trouble-free grilling.

Has BBQ season officially started? We at Solid Signal like to think so; but then again, we’re suckers for a good cookout. Because of this, we like to support the efforts of anyone who takes to the grills to feed and entertain their friends and family. To honor these courageous culinary champions, we’re hosting a week-long sale on a variety of BBQ grill technology. It’s basically everything you need for a successful cookout except the food. Check out these great deals on some rather awesome BBQ- and grill-related products!

Cook Meat to Perfection
Overcooked and/or under-cooked food is the quickest way to ruin a good cookout experience. If you’re a concerned chef who wants his/her guests to eat well, then you need this Taylor digital thermometer. This handy grill thermometer is accurate from 40-degrees Fahrenheit to 302-degrees Fahrenheit, and offers one-second temperature updates on its .4-inch LCD display. This is simply the handiest and most affordable way to ensure your foods are cooked to the proper temperature.

Monitor Your Propane Levels
When you’re preparing for that big cookout, you don’t want to run out for more propane at the last minute. This is never a problem for anyone who has the Mr. Bar.B.Q gas level tank gauge. This easy-to-install gauge gives you a reading that alerts you when your gas is low on an easy-to-read, glow-in-the-dark propane level indicator. This durable brass gauge also features a built-in link detection system for safety purposes.

Safely Light Your Grill With This…
Why risk burning yourself with matches or lighters when you can safely light your grill with the Maverick BBQ safety igniter? This electric igniter is 15 inches long, which puts your hand out of harm’s way when lighting, and its tiny electric charge won’t harm your body. Though small, the device still generates 10,000 volts to light all types of ignitable gases, including propane. No batteries are required and it’s good for 100,000 strikes, which means it could last you all summer!

Everything You Need for Your BBQ
Every good grill-master needs the tools of the trade to whip up a feast. The Chefs basics Select 18-piece BBQ set puts everything you need right at your fingertips. We’re talking tongs, basting brush, turner, steak knives, corn holders, and more, all in one easy-to-store case. All utensils are made of heavy-duty wood and stainless steel, making them easy to clean. It’s perfect for both casual chefs and dedicated grill gurus.

Light Up Your Grill!
When you’re cookout lasts into the evening and you still have hungry guests, you don’t want to cook in the dark. The Maverick clamp-on lamp attach to the side of nearly any BBQ grill to shed some light on what’s cooking. This device features eight super bright LED lights, a telescoping arm, and an automatic shut off for the cook’s convenience.

For That Smoked Taste
When it comes to grilling and barbecues, there’s nothing like that delicious smoked taste. Unfortunately, few people have a full-sized smoker in their backyard for this. Fortunately, the Mr. Bar.B.Q stainless steel wood chip smoker box works just as well. Just fill this box with pre-soaked wood chips then place it directly onto the charcoal, lava rock, or briquettes. You’ll get the delicious smoked flavored every time!

Bluetooth Grill Thermometer
Since we’re living in the digital age, why not monitor your cooking temperatures with the NutriChef Bluetooth BBQ digital thermometer? Perfect for steak, chicken, turkey, and more, this unit keeps track of your meat temps via your Android or iPhone. The device has a 75-foot maximum range and displays cooking temps on an external LCD status display.

Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern
Biting insects can put a damper on any cookout celebration… unless you get this Thermacell mosquito repellent patio lantern. This effective little light gives you a 15×15-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting bugs. It uses four LED lights with low and high illumination settings, which means no candles or open flames. Just plenty of light and a huge break from those annoying pests.

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