Bluetooth Transmitter and Splitter

Sharing the gift of music can be an awesome experience between friends, if done properly. Solid Signal has the Bluetooth-enabled device that lets you share music the right way.

Are you the friend who’s the first to hear the newest and coolest bands? In the past, if one of your friends asked you what you’re listening to, you’d have to take off your headphones and hand them over. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, which is designed to share audio files without the need for any connections, sharing music has gotten a lot easier. It’s also become more enjoyable for both parties. If you find yourself sharing the gift of music with friends and family, we have just the thing for you.

This Tech Choice Bluetooth-enabled Transmitter and Splitter is a great way to share music between mobile devices. This compact device transmits audio to up to two sets of Bluetooth-enabled receivers. While it’s typically used with headphones, it works with any audio device. The device also has a built-in rechargeable battery for power and plugs into audio devices using a headphone connector (3.5mm TRS plug). With this consumer electronics device, you’ll be prepared the next time your friend says, “Whatcha listenin’ to?”

One Last Thing…
Back in my day, it wasn’t such a big deal to share your headphones with your friends. Of course, this was a time when the earpieces didn’t actually go into your ears. I couldn’t fathom sharing music in today’s age of Earbuds and other invasive earpieces. If nothing else, this Bluetooth-enabled transmitter and splitter is the most hygienic way of sharing music. That alone is worth the (rather low) price of admission!

Think this Bluetooth transmitter and splitter is perfect for you or someone you know? Order it now from Solid Signal!

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