Check Out the User Review of the New Reverse Band 5 LNB

We may have been the first to show it, but leave it to DIRECTV’s industrious user community to give the first real reviews of the Reverse Band 5 LNB. This is the LNB of choice for people who want 4K and need to see the 119 satellite location. That’s a shrinking group to be sure, but they’re out there and we expect that when this LNB becomes available in the fall, it will fly off the shelves at Solid Signal. In the meantime you can only gasp in awe and delight at its utter amazingness.

That is, unless you’re part of the secret testing community over at, where DIRECTV testers gather each week to get the latest and greatest cutting-edge software for their receivers. They occasionally take on a few more secret tasks as well, such as testing new hardware. They’ve published a fairly technical review of the Reverse Band 5 and I’m glad to share it with the rest of the world.

If the idea of testing the latest stuff appeals to you, you’ll need to visit that other site, but here’s a direct link to the PDF review to start with.

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