NICE AND EASY: Can you use a Wally receiver with an older dish?

DISH’s latest standalone receiver is the Wally. It’s designed to work within a Hopper 3 or higher system and therefore it works with the new hybrid pro LNBs. However, it “should” also work with non-hybrid LNBs including the ones in portable dishes like the Playmaker or Winegard Trav’ler Auto.

I’ve heard too many cases where Wally receivers don’t work right out of the box with older LNBs and need a software upgrade that they can only get by being connected to the proper LNB. So I’m hesitant to recommend the Wally for older installs as long as we have a good supply of the 211z receiver.

If you truly want a Wally and it does not work with your older equipment, all it generally takes is hooking it up to a newer dish and downloading new software. Then, when you hook it back up to your system, run a “Check switch” to make sure it identifies the right dish.

If you want to avoid trouble, start with the right receiver for your setup. Got a Hopper 3 (or you’re getting one soon), get a Wally. Otherwise, get a 211z.

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Stuart Sweet
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