Get to know the Nitecore TINI

Not all flashlights are created equal. I absolutely gushed over the Nitecore TIP last year, and for good reason — it’s a little rechargeable flashlight that’s brighter than some lamps. I use mine practically every day to find little hidden objects. It’s brighter than my phone’s flash, and so easy to use.

But that was then.

Tiny but powerful

This is the all-new Nitecore TINI. Take everything you liked about last year’s model and amp it up. The TINI blows you away with 380 lumens of flashlighting power and wraps it up in a case that’s more durable, even smaller, more weather-resistant,and most importantly gives you a massive 60-hour battery life.

Use it every day

This is more than an “emergency” flashlight. It’s something you’ll use every day. Need to find something under the couch? A little light is all you need. Looking to get around after dark? Don’t turn on every light in the house. Wondering what that little red spot is? Get a good look at it with some serious light power.

It’s there when you need it

Or, attract attention with a bright light that can be seen from about 200 feet away. Flash it on and off to catch the attention of passing police if you’re by the side of the road. Or, use it to blind an attacker so you can make a safe getaway. Use the available “turbo” mode for a light so bright that you’ll never have to worry about being in the dark.

When weather hits, you need a flashlight too. In a recent power failure I used a pair of Nitecore flashlights as lamps. They lasted longer than the power failure, but I was ready to recharge them using a crank-up flashlight if need be. How? Just like older NiteCore flashlights, the TINI charges using MicroUSB, the same connector that’s on most Androids. You’ll never run out of power since you can charge it with a power bank, a car charger, or a crank-up charger. Or, just keep it connected to your PC during the day for peace of mind.

It may seem kind of silly to gush on and on about a flashlight but trust me, when you see the Nitecore TINI, you’ll see why. Do yourself a favor and shop for the Nitecore TINI today.

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