Hands on with the HD-BLADE, part 2: Proper Placement is Critical

Everyone agrees… the HD-BLADE is one cool gadget. In part one of my review, I hooked it up under the worst possible conditions. It’s going to get worse before it gets better for this little antenna, but before I subjected it to the worst tortures I could imagine, I thought I’d give it one more shot at success.

I draped the HD-BLADE over a chair and pointed it roughly out a window. I then ran the same channel scan as before to see what would happen.

Holy guacamole!

I got a total of 54 channels just by moving the antenna about three feet!

This proves that when you’re using a small antenna, proper placement is crucial. Remember, the HD-BLADE is the only indoor antenna available that lets you use the precise cable length you want, and with Solid Signal’s Razor Thin Cable, you get all the benefits of heavy duty cable in a super-slim package.

OK… the easy stuff is over. Time to really see what this antenna can do under tough conditions.

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Stuart Sweet
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