Hands on with the YX550 Verizon Data Booster, part 4: Conclusion (WITH VIDEO)

It’s amazing how quickly things change. All of a sudden, as more people get 4G smartphones, it’s both faster and easier to just use 4G instead of Wi-Fi. Businesses that might have invested heavily in extra access points for employees and customers are now content to let those folks use their own devices and data plans. If your home or office has poor 4G coverage, you might run into some unhappy people and no one wants that.

It’s why a 4G data cell booster is so important to your overall strategy. You need to be able to serve both your internal and external customers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Wi-Ex’s YX550 Cell Data Booster and that you’ll consider it as part of your overall wireless strategy. It’s easy to install and mounts almost anywhere. It’s easy to see that it works, too — even without any fancy signal meter you’ll most likely see a massive increase in your data speed because of a high-quality LTE connection.

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