Here’s your solution for a cell booster on a yacht

You want your phone to work. Everywhere. You’re not about to give up being connected to the outside world just because you get on the water. If you’re a marine enthusiast who stays within about 25 miles from the shore, you an get an easy solution that will let you stay connected even when your cell phone loses signal.

It’s this antenna from Wilson Electronics. It’s completely marine ready, resistant to salt water and corrosion, and it works with most cellular boosters. It can give you up to 300% more signal, even down in the cabin.

A cellular booster takes a weak signal from outside and makes it usable using a larger antenna and a strong indoor amplifier. This antenna will work with any cell booster using a 50-ohm connection to the outdoor amplifier, meaning it will work with most industrial quality boosters designed for RVs, like this SureCall Fusion2Go. If the cell booster has an N connector for the outdoor antenna, you’re all set; if you have an FME connector like the SureCall booster does, an inexpensive adapter is all you need.

There’s no reason that you should miss out on a call, text or e-mail while out on the water. After all, you’re there to enjoy yourself and it’s a little easier knowing you can still stay in contact when you need to.

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Stuart Sweet
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