Introducing NextGen TWISTER — why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

The great George Carlin once said, “Nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, and (someone) will buy it from you.” Mr. Carlin was being sarcastic but sometimes, nailing two things together makes a huge amount of sense.

Take for example this TWISTER HDMI Adapter from NextGen. Basically this is an HDMI cable where the cable has been replaced by a universal joint. Brilliant! Plug one end into a hard-to-reach area and bingo! Instant accessibility!

You can go a full 360 degrees with the Twister if you need to, and there’s just enough tension to make sure the adapter stays where it’s put without putting stress on the cable. It passes all HDMI 1.4 signals without a hitch.

Here’s a perfect example of the Twister in place. This is a flat TV that isn’t being wall mounted, yet the HDMI connections are flush up against the device, making it very hard to attach an HDMI cable. The placement of the TV’s Optical Out port makes things even harder.

With the Twister in place, the HDMI port is suddenly accessible! Simple as that!

The Twister HDMI Adapter is now available at Solid Signal at a discounted price! Click here to order!

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