Introducing the SureCall Flare Cell Booster!

Cell boosters will never be the same. If you’re looking for a way to improve cell reception in your home, the new top of the heap is the SureCall Flare. It was honored recently with a CES Innovations Award and it’s recently got good press at sites like Tom’s Hardware. I’ve seen one close up, but I had thought I’d wait until I got a review unit to do an article on it. And then I got the news… we have these available for pre-order at Solid Signal.

What’s so different about the Flare? Like other cell boosters in its price range, it covers an average size home or small office, providing 72dB of boost power. It uses an exterior antenna to get the most boost, which is perfect for people in stucco homes, who have low-E glass windows, or who otherwise don’t want to use an indoor-only booster like the EZ4G. That’s where the similarities end.

The SureCall Flare is completely self-configuring, with no buttons or knobs to press. It’s attractively designed and that’s important — many cell boosters don’t work because people who don’t like their looks put them inside cabinets. With the Flare, there’s no reason to hide the booster… it looks sleek and modern and at home in nearly any decor.

And when you look at the Flare, you realize it doesn’t look like any other booster you’ve ever seen. That’s not just artistry. The Flare uses a new antenna design that not only integrates the antenna into the base unit, but places it above the rest of the electronics. This simple design change improves efficiency and decreases feedback. That means full power output in more situations and more coverage throughout the home or office.

The Flare comes as a full kit which includes the outdoor antenna, cable and the booster and will be available for our US and Canadian customers at $399 from Solid Signal in the first quarter of 2017. I’ll have a full review available as soon as possible that includes a real instrumented comparison with other boosters in its price range.

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Stuart Sweet
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