Introducing Televes Indoor Amplifiers!

Finally, the future has arrived.

I’ve spent the last week poking around Televes’ new line of indoor amplifiers. They’ve managed to fit a whole distribution amplifier and splitter into the same exact case as the power injectors for their outdoor antennas, meaning this is a stylish, powerful way to make sure you have enough signal for every TV in the house.

There are two models. One gives 16dB boost for up to four TVs, and the other gives 20dB boost for up to two TVs. Both have an innovative “passthrough” port which allows the amplifier to be used close to a television. The passthrough port has parity amplification, meaning that the signal coming from that port is the same strength as the antenna signal coming into the amplifier. Having a port that’s basically unamplified will keep you from overloading a TV and lets you put the amplifier in your home theater setup.

Hooking up the amplifier is easy. It does not require its own grounding since it’s for inside use (although you should ground the outdoor antenna of course. Connect the antenna to the port on the left with the up arrow. Connect the closest TV to the port that says TV. Connect the other TVs to the other ports.

If you do have unused ports I would put terminators on them because you’ll get better performance.

These are powerful amplifiers that could potentially let you compensate for 400 feet of loss. If you find they’re just too strong for you, if you’re seeing some issues with pixelation at the more distant TVs, the antenna can be adjusted down by up to 15dB so you can get just the amount of amplification you need.

These antenna amplifiers are modern, effective, and powerful. What else could you ask for? A few videos, you say? Well, allow me to oblige.

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