THE MIRACLE WORKER: Flat RG6 Cable Even Lets You Use Amplified Antennas

Yeah I’m a big fan of our Flat RG6 cable. This little cutie lets you run satellite or antenna cable through the tiniest gap between windows or doors and their frames, even deforming itself to let the window close completely without losing signal. Yeah, it’s that good.

I’ve asked for some specific lab testing from our main offices in Novi, Michigan, and the results are back — not only does the flat RG6 work for signal but it also can carry current. For those out there who aren’t engineers, that means that the cable can carry power over it. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion, as many inexpensive full-size cables won’t carry power. This does, however, and that means you can use an amplified antenna like our hugely popular HD Horizon X10 on your apartment balcony or outside your window, and run the cable inside without making holes in the wall. Because, you know, if you’re in an apartment you won’t be able to make holes in the wall.

The same little flat cable gives you the ability to put an antenna or satellite dish up on a tripod outside while you’re RV’ing and still close the windows completely to keep pests and cold out. It’s really cool!

Personally I have bought dozens of these over the years and I just give them away to friends in need. I would recommend you do too!

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Stuart Sweet
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