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I do the hard work so you don’t have to!

My friends at AT&T were kind enough to send me an AT&T TV device to test. And of course, I thought of you, my Solid Signal Blog fans. It looks like no one else has published a full video which accurately shows the initial installation experience for the AT&T TV device. That’s about to change.

In this video, you’ll see mostly unedited video, in real time, of the AT&T TV install experience. Installation was easy. I connected the box to my TV with the provided HDMI cable. Then, I connected to power with the provided EPS10 power supply (the same one as other DIRECTV devices use.) I connected up a USB keyboard I had lying around. And then I just let the video capture run.

Here’s what I did edit

  1. I edited the part where it connected to Wi-Fi. I blurred out network names and the MAC address. (Before you comment, I know you can see that it’s eventually connected to the network “Office.” This was a Wi-Fi network I set up just for this video and it’s deleted now.)
  2. I edited the part where I entered in my AT&T username and password.
  3. I blurred out the code it gave me to sign into my Google account.

And that’s it.

Why the USB keyboard?

I’ve set up other Android TV devices and I knew that entering in username and password information with the remote is a major pain. If you have a PC keyboard around, even if you can borrow it from another device for a little while, I promise it’s really worth it.


I didn’t do an unboxing video because I didn’t know if the device I got was in its final packaging. But, the box set up quite easily. Total time was under 15 minutes, although it might have been longer if I had needed a software update. Typing in my usernames did save me time.

The remote setup was a little interesting. You have to pair the remote to the box but it’s very easy, as the video shows. Pressing and holding the rewind and fast forward buttons puts it in pairing mode and then you just leave it in front of the box for a minute or so.

There were a couple of times when it paused just long enough for me to worry, but I waited through it and everything eventually picked up.

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