NICE AND EASY: Do those solar gopher repellents work?

Yes. Most of the time.

How’s that for an honest answer?

If you’re considering our P3 Solar Gopher Repeller, you might want some reassurance before buying. The gopher repeller is supposed to produce subsonic vibrations that the little critters just can’t stand, leading them to leave your yard for good. Supposedly those pests run away when they hear a sound at about 400 Hertz, and that’s what the gopher repeller produces (It’s too low for most people to hear and safe for pets as well.)

I tried it.

I put 6 of these in a large field where I had a bunch of gopher holes. This was out near our Southern California labs, so the ground was dense with little vegetation. I filled in the old holes so I could be sure.

Two weeks later… no new holes, plain and simple. So as far as I can see it works.

I’ve heard other people say it didn’t work for them and I think there are two possibilities. First of all maybe you have deaf gophers. I suppose that could happen. Gophers get old and maybe they get deaf. Hey, it could happen.

The more likely thing, from my point of view, is that if you put these in the middle of dense grass maybe the grass muffles the sound and it doesn’t annoy the gophers as much. That probably makes more sense than the “deaf gopher” excuse. So if you did buy these and they didn’t work, I might try clearing out some of the grass around them to seem if that makes them work better.

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