If you make your own cables, you need one of these. Because, let’s be honest, no one’s perfect. The EZChecker Cable Tester helps you know for sure if cables are good or bad before you put them in place. This one little tester helps you with RG6 cables as well as network cables, and if you’re really old-school it will test landline phone cables too.

It couldn’t be easier. Connect the two ends of the cable to the EZChecker and you’ll see immediately if everything looks good or bad. You’ll get everything you need including a 9-volt battery and you even get a BNC adapter if you’re checking those sorts of cables. In fact, with the proper adapter you can test any 75-ohm cable regardless of its connector type.

This is one of those inexpensive tools you simply can’t afford to be without. It’s really an essential part of your cable-building toolkit, and at such a low price there’s no reason you would want to be without it, so do yourself a favor, head on over to Solid Signal and pick one up today.

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