My review: DIRECTV RC71B Backlit Remote

I got a cool toy delivered to me from Solid Signal a couple days ago and it is something I’ve been missing since getting my first RC71 remote. The RC71B is very similar to the RC71 but it has a back lit keypad so it’s easier to see in the dark. I guess I could have continued to use my old Green Bay Packers remote but I would have to use it in IR mode and I keep all of my equipment out of site. If you had one of the older back lit remotes you know the gummy feeling of the keypad, the RC71B keypad has that same feeling. The other buttons and toggles are very similar to the other RC71 remotes I have but the RC71B has a crisp feel when you press them and a slight snapping sound.

There is one button on the RC71B that the RC71 does not have. (No it’s not the STOP button, that’s still missing) It is on the side and it controls the back lighting, if you press the button once the light comes on, after that the light comes on each time you press a button or toggle on the remote. If you press the side button again the back light will stay off. Remember, nothing works unless you install the batteries first

The new remote has been a hit since it showed up and the only downside I can see, actually hear, is the slight snapping sound when pressing the SELECT/Arrow buttons & toggles. I am hoping the remote will wear a little with time and the sound will stop but time will tell and this one isn’t going anywhere.

Setup was a breeze, using the copy settings feature of the HR44 the RC71B practically programmed itself. Within a minute I had a fully functioning RF remote that controlled both the DIRECTV Genie and the my LG plasma.