SilverCloud GPS Tracking System, Part 1.5


After several days of using the SilverCloud GPS Tracking System, things are going well. Since I don’t have an evil nemesis, I installed the unit in a friend’s car and have been tracking her movements. Several useful features have already come to light.

This thing is accurate.

When she went shopping, I was able to tell what parking space she was in. That’s real accuracy. Overall it is within about one meter of accuracy, and it only lags behind about one minute in its tracking.

I can tell… everything.

I can see how fast she was going, how long she stopped, every decision that she made. When she made a u-turn I was able to see how far she went before she realized she needed to turn around. Very cool.

Geofencing is awesome.

I was able to create a “geofence” around her house and mine. I got an e-mail telling me when she left and when she was getting close to me.

Battery life is great so far.

After 36 hours of continuous operation the SilverCloud is still at 86% battery. I should be able to get a week out of a battery… that’s why I decided to write an intermediate report.

So far, this device performs exactly as advertised. The GPS tracking is nearly instant, the device is quiet and the web interface is easy to use. I had no problem loading it up on my iPhone, either. That means, no matter where I was… I knew where she was.

I’ll prepare a report when the battery finally runs out.

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